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The grass is always greener on the sustainable side

When selecting the Suppliers and Wines we wanted to stock, we were attracted to those who included wines from sustainable wineries.

This was one of the reasons we chose to work with Marta Vine. They source wines from wineries who consider the whole process of sustainability a must for the future of wine. By using solar-powered or LED lighting across the winery, planting trees to offset carbon emissions, decreasing water wastage, limiting pesticides and promoting indigenous wildlife, are just a few things wineries are doing to help continue the story of their winery. All these things create more complex and interesting wines due to the diversity of the vine’s environment. It’s incredible what a bit of biodiversity can do to a wine! These wineries have also considered social responsibility and the development of their human workforce.

Leaving a positive impact on the environment is something we really care about because it affects everyone, now and in future generations of winemakers. We all want to do our bit for the environment and buying sustainably produced wine is a great way to start!

One such producer is Herdade dos Grous. Herdade dos Grous is a total of 700 hectares, where 73ha are dedicated to high quality vineyards. The rest is dedicated to sustainable agriculture and the keeping of livestock. Taking care of the environment and sustainability are the base of this project. Herdade dos Grous represent the current pioneering spirit of Portugal’s wine-growing business and we are proud to stock wines from their range – Grous White & Grous Red.

Grous have been sustainable for years, some of their practices include:

  • Energy efficiencient LED lamps & motion sensors in the cellar
  • A condenser battery for reducing the share of reactive energy consumption
  • 3 parks of solar panels
  • To reduce water consumption, Grous have adopted water-monitoring and saving practices, including installing meters in the winery & vineyard, water pressure pistols on hoses and an audited irrigation system to detect leaks.
  • Cases, barrels and corks are made out of materials coming from certified Forests with Sustainable Management
  • Since 2016, they have been in partnership with the University of Lisbon, to calculate their carbon footprint
  • Personal and professional valuation through continuous training and awareness of employees.
  • Grous’ Sustainable strategy is based on “6 Sustainable Development Goals” which forms the basis of their value chain and helps to prepare their annual Sustainability Report.

We hope you enjoy their wines and we hope to stock more of the range in the future.

Find our range of Sustainable Wines here.

Source: Thank you to Marta Vine!

If you are interested in finding out more about Sustainability in Wine, visit sustainablewine.co.uk


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