Bepi Tosolini Amaretto Salizà Liqueur, Veneto, Italy

Produced by Bepi Tosolini


NV  |  28%

A delightful lightness and intense yet elegant marzipan flavour with a caramellized nut note in the end. Made with the distillate and infusion of the finest Italian almonds.

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Distillate and infusion of the finest Italian almonds

Artisanal distillation: Manual distillation in ancient botanical stills
Colour: dark orange
Tasting notes:
a refined almond distillate, harmonious, natural and incredibly balanced. Warm and enveloping notes of honey and candied apricot. A beautiful nose of freshly ground almonds, toffee and orange peel. Light, delicious and rounded on the palate with a fresh almond sweetness that leads to a long, candied finish. Silky and velvety.

Serving suggestions:
Perfect neat or on the rocks, chilled, shaked or mixed in cocktails.

“In a charming edge of Venice called Sestiere Castello, not far from San Marco Square, it is possible to come across the so called SALIZÀ or SALIZADA DEL PIGNATTER, under whose arch it is hidden a red stone with a heart shape: couples meeting there together will love each other forever”. This is the venetian legend behinh the Amaretto Salizà, a true almond distillate and a unique recipe without colourings and artificial aromas created by master distiller Bepi Tosolini.

Since since 1943, the Tosolini Family has focussed on making high quality traditional Italian spirits and liqueurs using methods passed down through the generations.

The Tosolini Liqueur recipe is a 100% natural family recipe, with no preservatives and no artificial aromas.

Wine Enthusiast Top 100 Spirits
Ultimate Beverage Challenge 2011
Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, Double Gold Medal 2016
Spirit of the Month February 2016
The Spirits Masters, Master Medal 2014

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