Briottet Crème de Menthe Verte, Burgundy, France

Produced by Maison Edmond Briottet



High-quality mint liqueur from French artisan producer. All the Briottet range have proper ‘real’ fruit (or, in this case, herb) flavour integrity – they taste like the fruit / herb itself, not some confected approximation. Fantastic for mixing cocktails!

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Briottet’s green Peppermint Liqueur is produced by distilling mint leaves — mainly peppermint leaves — and then by adding some fine sugar. It is pure, well-balanced and very refreshing. It gives off a wonderful scent.

Established in 1836 by Edmond Briottet in the Dijon region of France, Maison Briottet has established itself as one of France’s finest liqueur producers. By using only the ripest fruit and freshest ingredients, Briottet is a favourite amongst mixologists, and the products produced can be found in some of the world’s top cocktail bars and restaurants. Expertise is key to the production of these exceptional liqueurs, and – through blending with the correct proportion of sugars to achieve the balance between fruit flavour, sweetness, acidity and alcohol – a perfect balance is always achieved. This deliciously expressive mint liqueur is made with mentha piperita mint (a strongly flavoured peppermint also known as mitcham mint) and is as fresh and authentic as they come. This fabulous example is one of the best available, and works well in the Grasshopper cocktail.

“Springbokkie” Cocktail
1cl (1 part) Amarula (or Bailey’s if you prefer)
3cl (3 parts) Crème de menthe
The Crème de menthe is poured into the shot glass and the Amarula is carefully layered on top.

“Orgasm” Cocktail
1 cl of Green Mint Liqueur (21% ABV),
2 cl of tequila,
2 cl of Briottet Caramel Liqueur.
Pour the tequila and then the mint into a small glass and top it off with the caramel. Drink it straight down!

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